September 7, 2010

Hidden Treasure

It always happens, right? You're looking for one thing and you invariably get lost in something else. I was going through some files this weekend and found a tiny, brightly-colored packet of construction paper notes in a stack of completely unrelated papers...hmm, now what was it that I looking for...oh, who remembers...

This is one of the little thank you notes that smiled up at me. I had received it after a presentation Ruby and I made to a group of children last fall. Ruby was just a youngster herself at the time, but she did very well, responding to all the cues she knew, working the room, charming everyone. This note from a little girl in the class was so sweet, I just had to share it. It's a great drawing of Miss Roo, the ears are just right and her paws are perfect! I love the heart at the end of the arrow, too. All the kids in this class were awesome; I remember they had a lot of excellent questions and comments, and really kept me on my toes!

On a separate and serious note, a significant fire has hit Boulder, CO this weekend. As we try to get specifics on the extent of the fire, our thoughts are with all of our friends in Boulder. We are hoping everyone is safe and our hearts are with all who have had to evacuate and who have suffered losses.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


How special!

Thanks for sharing!

We are sending our best vibes out to all affected -

Our pal KB shared some pics and the fright she got coming back from a ride to what looked like fire over her place on her blog yesterday -

Pamela said...

Just one example of the many lives a service dog can touch.

What a cute letter! I can see why you saved it.

Kari in WeHo said...

how can something like that not make your day? awww


Anonymous said...

*So True* You never know when your looking for something and then you come across something special. It makes you feel warm all over and touches your heart.
Great post.

Our thoughts are with all your friends in Boulder too.