July 20, 2011


Ahh, spending the dog days of summer with good friends. Can you guess who's Roo?

Hmm. Here's a little hint:


Ruby's friends are awesome, both canine and human. A big thanks to all our friends, old and new, who are helping us raise awareness for service dogs by posting about Raising Ruby. Through the Petties Awards, our account of Ruby's training is able to reach new readers...and hopefully lots of potential new volunteers for animal-related organizations including shelter/rescue!

Many thanks to these fantastic blogs:

Farley's World
The Serendipity Factory
Mogley, A Dog's Life
Khyra's Khorner
Stella's World
Brown Dog CBR

Our gratitude to Amanda at the wonderful Kind Over Matter for naming Raising Ruby one of her Friday's Lovelies!

Hey, have you read the Raising Ruby interview at Inspiration to Grow On? A big thanks to Darlene for her kindness and the opportunity to share Ruby's story.

A special thank you to our good friend Tamara at @AAHAHelpingPets for her unwavering support of service dogs, and of all animals.

As always, many thanks to sweet Sue for her phenomenal photos of Ruby in advanced training!

And to all those friends I've not met, but who have lent their support, I'm so grateful for all of your tweets, Facebook posts, emails and votes. Raising Ruby is just a small voice out here, but your support is helping our message grow — like Roo herself — by leaps and bounds!


P.S. Raising Ruby is now on Google+!
P.P.S. Have I missed your post? Please let me know!

Voting continues through July 29th in the 2011 Petties Awards, where Raising Ruby is proud to be nominated in two categories: Best Blog Post and Best Cause Related Blog. You can vote twice daily, in both categories, by clicking here: Petties Award Ballot. The prize in each category is a $1000 donation to the shelter/rescue of the winner's choice — that's a potential $2000 donation we could make! Ruby's a lucky dog, but some of her kin are not so fortunate. In honor of Ruby's retriever heritage, I've chosen Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies as the recipient. 


Ashley said...

Though we're up against Ruby again in one category, I am definitely voting for you guys in Best Cause Blog! We also encouraged people to vote for you in that category. We love Ruby & still laugh at the picture of her trying to eat the Pettie last year. Very seriously, good luck to you! We'd be honored to lose to you and Ruby! Keep up the great work!

Ruby's Raiser said...

Thanks, Ashley! I love this contest, because everyone involved is a winner. You just made me laugh out loud remembering Ruby trying to eat the Pettie! Boy, she's come a long way! Wishing you the best of luck. :)

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

How could we not recognize that adorable head tilt:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sam said...

LOL - we are so behind in posts!

It's great that so many people are stepping up to help!


Amy said...

Ruby's the cutest! I'm glad you're getting so much help with the Pettie.

1000 Goldens said...

Love your hint on which one is Roo Roo! We've been voting every day :)

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Inquiring minds want to know, will you and Mr. Raiser be raising another puppy?

Oh, yes, my Human is still remembering to vote twice a day!

Y'all come back now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Ruby's Raiser said...

browndogcbr: Yes! Can't wait to raise another service puppy! Thanks for your votes. :)

AVCr8teur said...

Roo's all grown up that I barely recognized her. Good luck to you and nice seeing updates on your baby!

Clive said...

We recognised Ruby immediately! Fab photo!

The very best of luck!

- Clive and Murray

KB said...

I recognized Ruby right away! She's so sweet with that head tilt!

I've been voting many times for you in the contest!

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