September 1, 2009

Puppy Class: Recall

The recall command – having a dog come when called – is extremely important, so we work on that quite a bit. Ruby is doing pretty well with the recall during our practices at home, and I know her capabilities and limitations in that environment, but I was curious to see how she would do in class where she always gets very distracted by the other puppies. I had considered not dropping the leash, but I wanted to see if she would go straight for another dog rather than coming to me. Despite glancing around a little, she did quite well and I was really proud of her!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, great job. You and Ruby are doing fantastic. Love puppies, so darsh garn cute.

Anonymous said...

We're so proud of you both. The other puppies are so cute. You both should enjoy a glass of chai.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you and Ruby make it look so easy! I was playing the video for Raven so he could see how the good girl does it. He decided that the way you said "Here" was much more enticing so he is currently steaming around my house looking for you (and the treats?!!!)