September 8, 2009


I'm from the East Coast, so I guess it was just in my nature to want to acquaint Ruby with a marina. I don't know if she'll wind up spending much time on the water out here in Colorado, but I wanted her to be familiar with the strange sensation of motion while she walked, stood, and sat.

With the ground swaying beneath her, she took her first few steps (you know what's coming) like a drunken sailor!

But little webfoot found her sea legs right away and just padded around the dock, sniffing the air. She was fascinated by the boats bobbing in the water.

Wouldn't she look gorgeous riding shotgun on a speedboat? And if we tied a rope around her belly? Those ears + a good, strong breeze = Parasailing Puppy!

She had no issues walking around on the wet gravel, even though it stuck to her toes.

It was a pretty windy day and these old planks were really moving. I was a little worried that she might try to bolt and jump into the water, but she was nice and calm, listening to my voice and just swaying along with the tide.

So now that we've mastered the dock part, if anyone has a yacht we can practice on, just let us know. We're ready!


Anonymous said...

Ruby,you have the makings of a true sailor. Next time you have to wear your sailor hat.

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful photos of her on the dock. She seems to be pretty comfortable.