August 9, 2009

Oh No!

Will Cruella De Vil escape with Ruby's brother, Raven, and make him into a nice warm pair of earmuffs?!! And does she know there are 8 more fluffy puppies just like him in case she wants to make a matching pair of puppy Uggs?

Raven's not too worried about it; that's his mom, Barb, under there! She's wearing the wig, glasses, and gloves to make sure that Raven is ok with changes in appearance. We'll take our puppies to see people who look different than what they've come to expect, like firemen with helmets and heavy equipment, or sports mascots in oversized and odd-looking costumes.

Here's Raven in his own gear. The boy does like to ride in style.

The sign cracked me up. As Barb said, "But a service dog must be ok!"

Thanks for the photos, Barb!


Anonymous said...

I think Raven might be questioning not why is my Mom wearing that wig, but why does she own it!!!

Carly Findlay said...

raven is divine too. look at him riding in the basket, sitting on sheepskin. he is previous cargo, afterall.