November 23, 2009

Furniture And Toys

The couch, coffee table, chairs, pillows, shoes, and I, have been very fortunate. Former Puppy Kiva and Current Puppy Ruby have never shown much interest in chewing on anything but their own toys. I attribute part of that good fortune to the fact that they're provided with a ton of toys, especially stuffed squeaky ones, in baskets all around the house. To prevent boredom, I switch the toys around and add to the stash frequently.

The flip side to this constant Christmas morning is that whenever they see something "stuffed" they immediately think it's for them. I know they're able to discriminate -- when I claim a toy for myself in the house (like my little stuffed teddy from Etsy), they leave it alone, even though it's within snoots' reach. But I've noticed when I bring Ruby into a store, all bets are off, so we're working on that.

Of all places, a furniture store recently provided a couple of good stuffed toy training opportunities. As soon as I saw those two little dogs I knew she'd make a beeline for them.

I told her to "leave it" but she went straight for 'em. I tried to get her attention back, aaaaand...

she knocked them down and started to take one in her mouth. You can't see my face but I have to cop to the fact that the sight of this pile just cracked me right up. Giggling, I told Ruby to "drop it" and she did.

So we backed up, waited a bit, and composed ourselves. Then I put her in a sit, gave her a treat for that, and we both attempted some restraint.

This time we were more successful. She sat and checked them out, but didn't try to take off with them. Although, needing to have the last word, as soon as we stepped away she turned around and gave those rotties a piece of her adolescent 6-month-old mind.

Continuing on, we easily made our way through the store, practicing all kinds of maneuvers and cues,

till we came upon a lounging tiger with a delectable, dangling tail.

Ruby went toward it, and being in a public place, I just kind of instinctively held back the leash. But I know I need to trust myself and my dog. As long as it's a safe place, I want her to make her own choices. So I gave the leash slack and let her have a moment to sniff, but before she could chomp a tiger on his toe, I told her to sit. She did.

Which isn't to say that she wasn't still interested in it,

but she showed self-control, which made me really, really proud of her. Because seriously, that toe and tail were totally tugworthy!


Heather and Ellie said...

That tiger tail looks just irresistible to a puppy!

Sierra Rose said...

Good work Ruby!!!! Mom's sad to say that I have a few house spots that I LOVE...molding on the door to my food, couch legs...and occasionally a pillow....but we're working on all....
Have a great week!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm also not one to destroy toys so Mom and I understand!

It is so khool to see the training pikhs!


Clive said...

Great training there Ruby!

We were very impressed.

take care