October 24, 2011

Raising Ruby in Mile High Dog Magazine

The October/November 2011 issue of Mile High Dog is out and anyone who is interested in service and assistance dogs will really enjoy it. Mile High Dog is stocked in many locations around Denver, but if you need more info on where to find it, just visit the MHD site and drop them a line.

Cover dog, Caitee, is a first responder with a local Colorado police department and she's got a pretty important job. She provides emotional support to victims of violent crimes, including children who must testify in court. As the article explains, dogs like Caitee can work magic on the psyche of a physically or emotionally wounded person.

I'm proud to have contributed a piece on my service puppy raising experience for this issue. If you'd like to know more about Ruby and me, and get a feel for the incredible journey it is to raise a service puppy, just click on the cover image or this link to read our story: Raising Ruby in Mile High Dog.