September 30, 2011

Photo Pupdate: Designated Driver

Still feels like summer here in Colorado! Sunny, 80s, a good time for another round of golf.

Roo's friend is pouting because Ruby got a few pars and won the match!

Sue also let me know that Ruby will be finishing up her training in another location. Paws crossed that Ruby will be placed soon, and many thanks to Sue for keeping us up-to-date with all the wonderful photos of Ruby's advanced training over the past year.

September 6, 2011

We'll Just Have A Salad, Thanks

Here's Ruby and friends just saying "no" to some tempting hot dog tidbits. Service dogs in training learn not to pick up stray morsels of food, so excellent work, you guys! Although when it comes to hot dogs, maybe the Roo Crew is just as tired of BBQ after a long holiday weekend as the rest of us!

September 2, 2011

Service Puppy William & Service Puppy Wrangler Kiva

Hey! Is my boyfriend, service puppy William, trying to sneak a kiss on a Kiva? Aww, Kiva's not really into the mushy stuff, but she couldn't resist your charms, little guy. You got her frolicking a bit and loosening up those old bones, and that does her (and her mom's) heart a lot of good.