December 25, 2010

A Very Good Girl

"Hi Santa! Oh, just a couple things this year...maybe a new bowl...and a bone...

...and a few bully sticks...and a squeaky ball...and a new blue octopus...and two wubbas...
a wiggly snake...some elk jerky...and a roast beef!"

Merry Christmas To All!

Thank you to our wonderful field photographer, S, for the merry shots!

December 20, 2010

Holiday Pupdate

Why, look who's pranced in for a pupdate!

It's Roo-dolph!

A character, as always. Each time a Roo pic pops up in my email, it totally makes my day!

Here's our little college co-ed, training with her big bro and sorority sistas.

Is it possible? Have those ears gotten even bigger? She must be listening very closely to her Advanced Trainer!

She's adapted to her new surroundings beautifully and things are going well. Her trainer let me know that Ruby has a nice formal retrieve developing and they've started working on some of the specialized tasks she'll need to perform as a service dog for a person with a mobility-related disability. They're also working on holding a long down/stay in restaurants and meetings. Lots of practice this holiday season with calmly greeting strangers at the door. And she's made great progress with her outdoor loose leash walking, while still having tons of fun in the snow!

Best of all, her trainer said that Ruby's a joy to work with. And we all know something about that, don't we! From the time Roo was a tiny pup, she's been a sunny, curious and enthusiastic girl. Coupled with her sharp focus, she's got a beautiful future ahead, whatever that future brings!

Happiest of holidays from the whole Roo Crew and our best wishes for a very joyful New Year!

Thank you, S, for the awesome pix and many thanks to Ruby's Advanced Trainer for the wonderful work she is doing and for sharing Ruby's progress with me.