July 31, 2009



First Meeting

That smiling dog up on the left is Kiva, our 11-year-old shepherd mix. She is smiling because she thinks yappy pipsqueak over there is just here for a little visit and will be going home soon.

Ho hum, yeah, any minute now. See ya. It's been fun. Buh bye.

Hey, she's gone! Peace! Wait, did I hear something?

Oh. You're still here.

Sigh. Well if you're going to stick around, you better watch it, squirt. I'm keeping an eye on you.

July 30, 2009

Oh Hello!

Meet the new snoot in the family! Ruby is a service puppy for Canine Partners of the Rockies in Colorado, she's a lab/golden mix, and she came to us at 10 weeks old. I'm on the other end of the leash, raising and training her for 18 months or so. Hopefully at that time, she'll be ready to move on and learn the advanced skills she'll need to assist a person with a disability.

You'll want to click on that photo above to enlarge and see her licorice jellybean nose in all its glory. Trust me.

Hope you'll check in and keep up with us. We'll all see if I can keep up with her!